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  • You do not need to be a brilliant singer, but it helps if you can read music reasonably well. We need two altos, a bass and two tenors to help balance.
  • We generally practise once a week on a Thursday, on the north side of Glasgow.
  • It is intended to provide a friendly atmosphere in which we can all learn.
  • Much of our music is religious in origin, (but not exclusively) so it helps if you have some experience of Church music.

Churches & other organisations….

  • If you wish to discuss the possibility of us coming to your church or premises to help in any way, please contact us in the first instance with proposed dates
  • We are a voluntary organisation, so welcome any help with expenses, but we leave it to your discretion.

Ways of contacting us………

  • E-mail:-
  • Day-time phone no:- 0141 776 2556
  • Evening phone no:- 0141 775 1919
  • Use the Comment facility on this Blog. Don’t worry about confidentiality, once the information is read and assessed, it will be erased before it can get into the public domain.


Harry Monroe



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