The Angelus Singers (which was formed in 2006) is a small group of people (currently 10) in the west of Scotland, with a diverse range of musical talents, who love to sing where-ever we are asked to help. We like to help Churches who have very-small or no choirs, by singing Evensong or perhaps Sung Eucharist.  

Some folk have asked ‘whence the name Angelus?’.  Well, some of us were up visiting in a little Shrine at Schoenstatt, run by German Roman Catholic nuns, in a village north of Glasgow.  Whilst there, the Mother Superior rang the Chapel bell to announce the Angelus. We borrowed the name, and still hope to have a joint Sunday afternoon service with them at some time.

You may notice that we have a ‘rainbow’ of gowns acquired from different churches. Finances are limited, and even pre-used gowns can be expensive, so we are happy to receive gifts of such apparell…..Check under ‘Contact Details’ to let us know if you have any spares!

We have a leaflet which we use to tell people about us. If you have Publisher 2003 we can send it as an e-mail, so ask us if you want it

If you cannot join us, we hope that you enjoy reading about our ventures and gain some interesting information about choral music. We might even encourage you to find a local choir and get out and SING!


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