‘I can’t follow a tune!’

We all know someone who has a problem singing. They may love singing and being with other singers, but unfortunately the right notes just don’t come out! Next time you are at a Karaoke night out,  just count the number of people who try, valiantly, to follow the ochestral accompaniment, unsuccessfully.

But why should this be, seeing that music seem to be inherent in our brain’s development? Well of course not everyone can play an instrument, learn a foreign language, or speak in public without stuttering, so perhaps it’s ‘just one of those things’.

Several theories have been put forward, including the absence of musical-training, or a difference in the ‘tuning’ of the two ears, where they hear diffent notes and can’t determine which is ‘correct’ to sing. If you know or suspect a different theory, let me know and we can maybe save a lot of potential singers from the grief which they must find when they can’t join-in the fun of singing in a choir.

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