St Aidan is 85 years old?….never!


 31st Aug 2008

Clarkston  is an attractive leafy suburb on the Southern outskirts of Glasgow, and well-placed just off the main road is the delightful Episcopal Church dedicated to St Aidan. It is a ‘solid’ little building and most certainly does not look its age of 85 years, due to the care and attention of those responsible. It is of unusual internal design with individual seating, and the Choir and Organ at the rear of the building. If you look under 2008 Events you will see a photo of the inside. A splendid new reception area and connecting corridor join the Church with the Hall.

They have been holding a number of celebrations in the week leading-up to 31st August, culminating in Sung Evensong, and we were priveleged to be part of it. The service was lead by Rev Colin Curtis, and the preacher was the Primus Idris Jones. Julie Legowski was the organist, and there was a total of 19 in the Choir. (unfortunately three of our members had fixed-up their holiday at this time….or were not well…… in-considerate can you get!).

Our final practice was in the Sunday afternoon when we all had the chance to get our indecision and mistakes out of the way. Those who were not cognizant of Anglican liturgican music did well in absorbing the traditions of centuries within a short time! Some two hours later we broke for tea . You have to be careful, of course, not to drink TOO much tea!

The service itself was a wonderful event with an absolutely packed church and the congregational singing was great, with familiar and new music being used. (See under 2008 Events for the music) As is usual at these events more tea was provided at the end as well as a nice fruit punch!

All in all a wonderful end to the commemorations and we wish them well for the years to come.

Introit:- ‘Calm Me, Lord’ (David Adam/Margaret Rizza)

Nunc Dimittis:- new single Chant ‘St Aidan’

Vesper:- ‘A Parting Blessing’ (Music by J.Jerome Williams to traditional words)

The complete choir (and organist in the middle in the grey suit)at St Aidan's Evensong
















Hope this gives you a flavour of the enjoyable time we had. There may well be some more photos later.

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