Choral Cathedral

St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow

St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow

I have added a link (see after the list of Categories) to St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Great Western Road, Glasgow, where we hear the most wonderful music.

The organ-playing, hymns, anthems, Liturgy, etc are all of a high standard, and incorporate a wide range of ‘tastes’, both Ancient and Modern, with a high proportion from Scottish composers such as James MacMillan, and John Bell (in whose company I spent a wonderful evening at Iona Abbey many years ago).

St Mary’s is fortunate to have had a great succession of Organist/Choirmasters, and a history of music-making which is now recognised by the BBC as the Morning Service is quite often broadcast from there. It is also known for its peal of bells.

One extra wonderful thing about St Mary’s congregation is that even when the Choir is on holiday, the singing is still great…….this may be in no small part due to the fact that most of the Angelus Singers attend there!

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