‘Music magnifico’

Cathedral Choir

Cathedral Choir

Last night, we attended a musical celebration of 100 years since our Cathedral (click on the link in Blogroll) received its status. Seemingly one of the reasons for its elevation was because of the established musical tradition….and this has been continued.

The choir, (including the youngest trebles) under Frikki Walker, was supplemented by previous members and friends, and also an orchestra, and there was a substantial congregation/audience, in the wonderful building. It was great to see so many of the existing choir members taking the ‘floor’ to show us their other musical talents.

Rona Pollard, along with the orchestra (and continuo), opened the proceedings with a delightful oboe concerto by Marcello. The rest of the first-half was taken-up with the Vivaldi Gloria. Most of us at some time or another have sung at least one part of this…I especially like the ‘Domine, Fili, unigenite’ which reminds me of a group of hiccuping people!…..I think it is another musical joke.

The second half mainly consisted of excellent individual contributions, from members, and a few pieces from the choir. Especially-interesting were the Icelandic piece in praise of Mary, the ‘Prayer for Peace’ by Frikki Walker the Choirmaster (sorry, Frikki, I will not accept your point that its only good point is its brevity….it is lovely!), and the setting of ‘Love Divine’ by Howard Goodall.

Altogether a feast of music to the usual high-standard we have come to expect from one of the best choirs in the country.

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