A proud junior Choir member


St. Mary’s Cathedral has an indisputably great senior choir, and when all are able to attend at once, the Choir area is jam-packed! We now also have a Junior Choir of Trebles, and they have been present at many special occasions.

Part of the reason for having such a group is to permit the use of the quite unique singing tone of young voices. It also allows the individual child to develop self-confidence, accept instruction, and acquire the art of being part of a team.

It was lovely when one of the older children was awarded a medal recently as a token of one of her steps of achievement. As she returned to her seat, she gave a little jump of pride and a whoop of joy. I don’t think it was selfish of her, but a sense that she had achieved something by her own work. A ripple of laughter went round the congregation, followed by applause.

What a wonderful little moment!

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