Pitlochry Eucharist

May 18th….2008

Holy Trinity Pitlochry…..Evening Sung Eucharist

This was not our normal Evensong, but a Sung Eucharist. This had been postponed from the morning, because there was a road cycle race through that area. The main road was cut off, and the noise generated by them would have precluded any peaceful Morning Service. We therefore had a different repertoire to learn, but all went well, with a full church….and the usual ‘feed’ afterwards.

‘Sanctus and Benedictus’ by James MacMillan

‘Kyrie Eleison’ by L.J.Whyte

Anthem:- ‘O, Lord, my heart is not proud’…music by Margaret Rizza

Vesper:- ‘May the road rise to meet you’….Irish Traditional


Some of Choir at Pitlochry2008

Some of Choir at Pitlochry2008


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