Notes Tremendous!


Have been listening again to a recording made by Frikki Walker of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow. It was his first CD (named as is the title of this post) and has a wealth of good ‘solid’ music, which allows him to show off the instrument to its best. Recordings were made in May 2006.

Some are particular favourites of mine, and whilst I cannot even approach the playing-skill displayed, I always enjoyed having-a-go at playing them…

  • ‘Nun Danket Alle Gott’, arranged as a chorale improvisation by Karg-Elert
  • ‘Elegy’ by George Thalben Ball. I have a recording of this made in a south of England village organ, and it sounds so different….actually I prefer the more-gentle registration of the English organ (but don’t tell Frikki!)
  • C.S.Lang’s ‘Tuba Tune in D Major’ looks easy on paper, but not so easy in the execution!
  • He contributed his own ‘Oxford Elegy’, a gentle little piece with some marvellous original snatches of tunes….which would easily pass the Old Grey Whistle Test.
  • The final piece is well-known to almost every church-goer. It is the noisy and fiery ‘Toccata from the 5th Organ Symphony’ by Widor.

I would love to put some of them as links here, but if you would really like to hear the CD, you can borrow mine, or (even better) buy one from the Cathedral!

P.S.  If he brings out a CD with his own compositions, perhaps he could call it ‘Voices Tremendous’.

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