CLOSED…hopefully not for ever(!)


In 1867, a company started in Glasgow to sell music and instruments. It was called Biggars, and grew at a time when music hall was popular, and every proud home had a piano and a stool-ful of sheet music. It  closed its doors a few days ago. Glasgow’s, if not Scotland’s, most famous music retailer is gone. So where will you get your Steinway piano now?

The Directors, David and Gillian Huthison, had previously owned the electrical company Hutchison’s, which went into liquidation in 2002.

It is believed that the Internet’s increasing involvement in music supply and the decrease in individual music playing must have been responsible. But the accounts showed a healthy profit and stock value. It is to be hoped that a purchaser can be found to maintain the presence, and perhaps keep some of the staff.

I remember spending many hours in the lower floor, hunting about for organ and choral music, and would like to feel that I might be able to return to that at some stage. But with the present uneasy economic climate, I cannot be sure.

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