Some positive quotes about singers and singing


The previous post would not encourage anyone to take up singing!….but there are some positive attitudes expressed by some great people…

St Augustine….. ‘Sing with your voices and with your hearts, and with all your moral convictions, sing the new songs, not only with your tongue but with your life’

Berlioz……’A singer able to sing so much as sixteen bars of good music, in a natural, well-poised, and sympathetic voice, without effort, without affectation, without tricks, without exaggeration, without hiatuses, without hiccupping, without barking, without baa-ing —such a singer is a rare, a very rare, an exceedingly rare bird.’

William Byrd….’The exercise of singing is delightful to nature and good to preserve the health of Man’

Tyrone Guthrie….’God in his Almighty Wisdom and Fairness has not always given the greatest voices to the persons with the greatest intellect, or the best education, or to the most beautiful of his creatures’

James Joyce….‘Tenors get women by the score’

Mozart….I like an aria to fit a singer as perfectlyas a well-tailored suit of clothes’


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