A new record?…no, actually quite old!


At the weekend we decided to do a lot of clearing out of photographs. This detail is not important, but it gave us the chance to do something useful, and, at the same time, take the opportunity to listen to a lot of music.  Normally we would put on a CD, but this time I decided that we would listen to some of our old records (remember them?).  Yes real vinyl! The oldest real one we had bought was Mozart’s 40th and 41st Symphonies. I bought  it whilst we were courting in the early 60’s and listened to it until it became scratched….but we still have it.

Our first purchased one, as a couple, was one of Christmas carols, bought at Heathrow Airport in Dec 1967, not long after our wedding. Beautiful singing with a photo of an angelic choirboy on the front (he’ll be in his fifties now!) with dirty fingernails!

I also found small 45s which I had recorded in a studio on Sauchiehall Street, One was of a choir I had at Strathaven, and featured, ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’, and ‘All in the April Evening’. Even after all these years i can still note some individual voices! The other was of me playing two piano pieces, one of which I had written myself.

The oldest records which I have acquired must be early recordings of the Orpheous Choir under H.S.Roberton, with many of his own compositions.

A great afternoon of memories…and we haven’t started on the tapes yet!

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