Dancing in the Cathedral?….Surely not!


NO, Strictly Come Dancing has not come to St Mary’s Cathedral!

Sunday was a very busy day! Morning Service, celebrating Christ the King (and a baptism) was followed by the swiftly-handled AGM. Then, home for a quick bite of lunch and snooze, before going out again for Choral Evensong. 

This was a special Service for Bishop Idris and  which was introduced by Handel’s ‘Zadok the Priest’ (no doubt to celebrate the his 40 year anniversary of being priested, and 10 year anniversary of taking up the mitre). The Cathedral was completely full, including the old Choir Stalls being full of clergy.

The Versicles and Responses were by Rose, and the Choir and Provost did them proud. The Mag and Nunc were Stanford in E Flat, and the Charles Wood Anthem ‘O Thou, the Central Orb’, Both of these pieces are not easy to do, so require a lot of practice. The work-load on the Cathedral Choir is very heavy, so this may have explained the occasional lapses. However this was made up for by the wonderful Hymns, and the young organist who belied his years with his understanding of the registration of the organ.

The solemnity and gentleness of Evensong was followed by a very jolly time when we joined in a ceilidh with the Jiggers Band. Cake, biscuits, drinks, ice-cream all were in appearance and it was actually quite fun watching Bishops dancing the light fantastic, where the Altar would normally be…….shades of David in the temple?….perhaps not!

So, music filled this great space for a whole day…..now, if only the old stones could speak!

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