Superb silence by candlelight


Attended the Midnight Eucharist at the Cathedral last night. In preparation, candles had been lit on all the window ledges. At Communion, everyone was given a candle which was lit and they carried down the side aisles before they returned to their seats. As the last communion carol was finished by the choir, the overhead lights were slowly dimmed and we only had the lights from the window candles, those fixed to the choir screen, and those being held by the congregation.

Something dramatic happened in that time when the last few Choir chords drifted into the rafters and only the small flickering points of light illuminated what would have been otherwise a very dark space. The silence was palpable.

Maybe that told it all. Perhaps the speech and music had simply been a preparation for this moment. This is what I shall remember most from this Service…not the pomp, the wonderful music, or the tremendous words…..just the silence…….

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