Tonic Solfa


It’s probably a couple of generations since tonic solfa was the predominant form for learning and singing music. Instead of using notes with ‘open’ or closed figures and different stems and tails, on lines or spaces, each sound is indicated by a syllable such as ‘Do, Re, Mi…..and the length of time is indicated by a dash on the page.

It is very simple and is well-explained in Wikipedia.

……..however, my main reason for mentioning it here is to tell about the recent request by e-mail which I had, following the posting on this blog about John Stainer. I conducted joint choirs in Crucifixion over 40 years ago, and some of the members used Solfa.  This I mentioned in the posting. Anyway, someone noticed this and asked if I could still locate these copies. To cut a long story short , I contacted the church, and spoke to an old choir member of mine . She confirmed that the copies are still available, and they are now on their way to South Africa to help an RSCM member to teach local choirs to sing!

Good old internet!

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