A number of real compliments!


Following the Ballachulish Evensong, we were so pleased to have the following letters directly on our other blogsite ( http://irishpisky.wordpress.com ) or forwarded to us from Julie, the organiser:-

Thank you for organising such a great treat for us all with Choral Evensong – a long time since I enjoyed a service so much as did everyone else – and seeing so many people C of S & RC there too shows ecumenism is working – so roll on your next one in July.
Everyone played their part well, readers, choir was superb, & Donald.  Glad to hear St John’s restoration was benefiting so well …..
kind regards Cathie Mac Coll (who is in her 80s & from Glencoe)

You and the Vestry deserve great plaudits for organising such an excellent and spiritula Evensong. Nice to see Cxxxxxxx Macxxx at the back and to enjoy the superb tea afterwards where everyone mingled !   A long time since I enjoyed such a fine evensong

love …….John


Evensong at Ballachulish was something to be remembered for a long time. Thanks to all who arranged this beautiful service and Haste Ye Back….from Alisdair Campbell

I am sorry that I couldn’t be there on the day, but some of the folk from my congregations went and found it different to anything they had been to before and enjoyable! I thought I should pass that on to you as it’s always good to get positive feedback and some people are usually quicker to criticise than praise.

Alison Burnside (Rev Mrs)
St Munda’s l/w Duror Parish Churches

Let me know about any other special events and I will intimate them.



Makes it worthwhile doesn’t it!

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