Perfect timing!

This morning was celebrated in the Episcopal tradition as Christ the King, and of course as usual the Introit would be Zadok the Priest, by G.F.Handel, which is a traditional Coronation anthem.

We fully expected the Choir to process in the normal manner, to their  seats, have the introduction, and then sing…..but no…..with the courage born from experience, the organist went straight from his prelude into the long repetitive introduction of the Handelian piece as the choir processed silently up the aisle from the West Door, with no music folders, took their places, and with microsecond timing, the choral part burst into life without the slightest break. 

I venture to think there was a little bravado mixed in there, and I may even have seen a slight smirk on Provost Kelvin’s face along with the Musical Director and a few of the choir as to how well it had worked-out!

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