Vocal support, please.

Some of us will be singing carols again at one of the Glasgow Hospitals for Christmas.

Gartnavel Hospital Reception is the venue, Thur 17th is the date and 7.00pm is the time. It was great fun last year and we know the patients enjoyed it, as no-one chased us away or hit us with a bed-pan!

So come along if you can, words and music provided……..and by the way…we have a bean-feast afterwards!

4 thoughts on “Vocal support, please.

  1. Layclerk says:

    Sorry, I will be otherwise engaged at Glasgow Chamber Choir’s final rehearsal before concerts in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on Sunday and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Monday.

    I’ve never done Gartnavel before, have done the Western Infirmary and Beatson Institute in the past. Very rewarding, if rather emotionally charged.

  2. Layclerk says:

    I left a comment on this post the other day, but it now seems to have disappeared. Was it deleted for some reason? I didn’t think there was anything offensive in it.

    Just curious.

  3. Layclerk says:

    How odd. As soon as I pressed “submit” on my second comment, the first one reappeared! Modern technology!

  4. Harry says:

    Sorry about not getting back to you….nothing appeared here!…must be gremlins in the system.

    Gartnavel went well with a good turn-out from St mary’s, and the usual bun-feast afterwards.

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