Wakey, wakey!

For those early-birds amongst us, next Sunday the early morning service on Radio Four is at 8.10 am, from St Mary’s Cathedral, Great Western Rd, Glasgow.

That’s not the worst bit…you have to be in your seat at 7.40 am!

…..see you there!

…a ?????? of Organists?

A goodly number of un-recognised faces (and bodies) appeared at St Mary’s Cathedral  on Sunday, and whilst there was no choir (one of their days off) the singing was lusty! It turned out that the Ulster Society of Organists were on a trip round parts of Scotland, looking at (not surprisingly) church organs.

Having been taught the organ at a church in Finaghy, near Belfast and had my early days of tinkling the ivories over there, it was lovely to speak to some of my country colleagues. One actually knew the organ where I had been taught and an organ-builder was from my home town.

So I hope they had an enjoyable few days in the coolness of church buildings whilst we were all out enjoying the sunshine!

….but what do you call a gathering of organists?….a console, perhaps?