Killin and Falls of Dochart


June 1st….2008

St Fillan’s, Killin…………..Sung Evensong

First time since 1984 that Evensong had been held in this beautiful part of Perthshire, where the Falls of Dochart can prove an exciting backdrop for the intrepid photographer.

Introit:- Sweet is the work, my God, my King’

Anthem:- ‘Sanctum nomen Domini’ 

Vesper:- ‘God that madest earth and heaven’…Words by Reginald Hebert (1783-1826) and Richard Whately (1787-1863)


 The simple beauty of the empty St Fillan’s Church


Part of our choir, Angelus, went to the little Episcopal church of St Fillan’s, in the Perthshire village of Killin. last Sunday. For those of you who do not follow my blog, we go to areas where they have no Church choir, and perhaps not even an organist, and sing the Service of Evensong.

It is sometimes known as the ‘English Church’ , or the ‘tin church’ due to the external construction which is corrugated iron. However, inside it quite standard wood, and is warm and cosy.

We were lucky on this occasion to have the services of a wonderful organist who brought notes from an instrument which you would not know existed…..many thanks….’keyboard expert’!

Killin has only a small population outwith the holiday season, so the congregation of St Fillan’s is also relatively-small. When it was arranged, I did not realise that Evensong had not been held there since 1984! So it was really wonderful that members from all the other Churches, as well as visitors from the local caravan site were represented.

Following our choir practice in another local church, we were treated to the usual ‘feed’. You have to be very careful not to eat TOO much, inviting tho’ it may be! It was all so tempting that it was difficult to resist….even knowing that we would be spending some time standing up and sitting down….and you can’t exactly dash out to the loo in the middle of a hymn!

What had started as a dry, if cloudy, day turned into a rather soggy return journey, but nevertheless I hope that the 21 good people of Killin found it as inspiring as we did.