Non-music information

One of our memebers, Fiona, entered a competition being run by NASA to celebrate Earth Day. The contestants had to send in a video, and she won!

If you want to see the video it’s on the NASA site 
Congratulations from us all!

Here’s hoping!

Kath has had her operation to try to repair a developing macular hole in the left eye.  It follows similar attempts at the same operation on her right eye. It will be the end of June before she can tell us how successful it has been , so she will miss Tom’s memorial service. We all hope the final results are good, and as at Jun 2nd, things seem to be progressing satisfactorily.

Another alto…Hooray!

We welcome Isobel, who is one of those people who actually admits to being an ALTO. They are very welcome as such a breed is as rare as hen’s teeth!

With a history of being in St Mary’s cathedral, where the most heavenly music is heard, she brings a good voice and sight-reading ability.

Retirement…at last!

At long last, Heather (one of the Angelus Singers sopranos) has decided that going off to work is not for her, and finally entered retirement last Friday. She and David have headed-off south for a week of driving round friends and acquaintences for a week. We wish them both a great future, getting on each other’s nerves!

Thank goodness neither will be leaving Angelus Singers!

R.I.P. Tom McCulla

 Tom with Gill and Grace..Aug 2008

We mourn the passing of Tom McCulla, one of our Choir members, in his early fifties. He fought bravely, and with great humour, against a brain tumour, which latterly had affected his sight, and made him very tired. He passed away on Thursday 4th June at the Hospice in Airdrie.

He was an exceptional person….a quick mind with a penchant for corny puns, skilled and adventurous in his musical writing, a great keyboard player, (he was the senior person at the piano department of Biggars, in Glasgow),accompanying the Kedron Singers, and at his own Church, and with a desire to serve any church, of whatever denomination.

The photo above was one of his favourites, and shows him at one of our visits to St. Aidan’s, Clarkston, in September 2008. By that time he knew how serious the tumour was, but still managed to show us that cheeky, child-like grin which was one of his great features.

Ballachulish ..Mar 2009

His last event with us was at Ballachulish (see him second from the right, in the back row), when we joined the congregation at St John’s Episcopal Church and many others, on a miserable, snowy, cold 8th March, for a wonderful Service of Sung Evensong.

We had all been worried about the wisdom of his journey and participation, considering his state of health at the time, but he had been so looking forward to being with us that there was no way he could be left out.

So, due to the good and kind offices of two of our members, he was able to spend a weekend in the beautiful Argyll countryside, and join us in the singing as lustily as he was able.

A service of remembrance will be held on Thursday 11th at 11am, at St Matthew’s Church, Paisley.

He will be remembered by Angelus Singers, as much for his personality, as for his musical ability.

May he be happy, playing for the heavenly choir!