Praise Indeed!


When we first went to St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow, we found  a super tradition. After the recession of Choir and Clergy, almost everyone stays in their seats while the closing Organ Voluntary is being played. At the conclusion, everyone claps.

There is something lovely about this. It is in strong contrast to many Churches where I have played, where people could not get out quickly enough. (Maybe it was my playing which drove them out!). I was often left playing to empty pews, after all the practice I had put in!

We are very lucky at St Mary’s in the tremendous music we are able to hear, and the vocal and instrumental available, and I think they know we appreciate this, but…………..

There has been a rather strange suggestion that… ‘(the Provost and Musicians) would prefer the congregation to applaud after services only when people feel they cannot help themselves!’

Perhaps then, we should be issued with numbered cards to vote, or see how far a Mexican Clap would spread, from an initial twitch of the hands!

We clap at baptisms, we clapped at the anniversary service for the Bishop, we clap at weddings, we clap when we are happy.

No….let’s keep a lovely tradition.. or maybe you disagree….let me know

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