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We have been self-supporting in expenses we have incurred over the years, but have also gratefully accepted  donations from Churches where we have appeared.

If you feel you would like to help us continue our work in helping out Choirs and Churches, feel free to contact us. Cheques can be made payable to Angelus Singers, and of course this will be acknowledged.

Alternatively, you can contribute to our funds by your purchases. Every time you make a purchase through our site, we are automatically credited with a percentage, and it costs you nothing! More details below……


Welcome to the Angelus Singers web shop.

Here’s a great way to get some fantastic online bargains, find cheaper gas and electricity services and even book a holiday. Remember, anything you buy through our webshop will help towards our fundraising targets.

So go on, top up your CD/DVD collection, or, if you’re making business purchases, why not make them from our webshop? For example, you can buy computer equipment, great value broadband or stationery from Euroffice. There’s also plenty of offers on DIY products, clothing and lots more from big high street names.

Use the search facility to compare a product name (e.g. kettle) with all of our retailers to help you find the best price.

Click on our site…….

One thought on “FUNDRAISING

  1. Lay Clerk says:

    This isn’t a comment on this specific post, but is mostly just a thank you for linking to my Blog from your Blogroll.

    In the interests of accuracy though I need to point out that my Blog isn’t that of St Mary’s Choir as you’ve named it in your sidebar, albeit you’ve correctly identified my own link to the choir, but is a wholly personal Blog which in no way represents the views of etc etc etc!

    And there is only limited reference to choir stuff, and lots about motorcycling, drinking, swearing, and life generally, so parental discretion is advised!

    Lest anyone think otherwise!


    Oh, and I like your Blog, by the way.

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