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The Cathedral ‘Songs of Praise’ event has come and gone and one still marvels at the breath-taking beauty of the land in which we live and the Cathedral in which we worship. Angelus is now back into practising for our next two events, one in Dunbar (with a Willis organ) and one in Duror (with an organ which is probably the oldest one in regular use in Scotland). After that, there is to be an event in a City centre church in the new year. In many ways all quite different and yet linked together in our love of the words and music of Evensong…..but more of these in later posts!

Practices have started and as is usual, music which seems impossible becomes easier, and (hopefully) ultimately enjoyable as the notes, words and parts all come together. The great unknown is the folk who will join us from the area for the afternoon practice before each event, but I am still astonished how quickly it all comes together.

Some new pieces will be involved and it is lovely to hear music sung for the first time…even if I have to face the criticism of those who find it is not as easy as I first hoped! 

Never mind, it’s great to get the tonsils moving again! ………and I mustn’t forget to oil the music stand!

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