St Paul’s Church, Kinlochleven

Once known mainly for its position on the road between North Ballachulish, and Glencoe, before the Ballachulish Bridge by-passed it, Kinlochleven was the sun-lit setting and St Paul’s Episcopal Church the venue for our  afternoon Evensong service, on 10th April, lleading up to Easter, led by Rev Donald Davidson. We were  joined by some of the Community Choir and other folk, and Kerr Jamieson was at the keyboard. The small church was packed, and we were able to process into the Sanctuary where there was only-just enough room.

Music was:-

Mozart….Psalm 148 from Missa Brevis

Hymns:- Praise My Soul

                  At even, ere the sun was set

                  The day Thou gavest

Psalm 84:- O how amiable are Thy dwellings

Anthem:- ‘All in the April Evening’, Roberton/Tynan

Vesper:- ‘Go now in love, go now in peace’  Patrick Liebergen

4 thoughts on “St Paul’s Church, Kinlochleven

  1. Julie says:

    Well done to Angelus Singers – now on their third visit to the area.
    The congregation much appreciated your choice of music.
    The choir’s singing of ‘All in the April Evening’ will always be associated with your April visit to St Paul’s.

  2. Alisdair says:

    “All in the April Evening” was so appropriate for this April visit to St. Paul’s, Kinlochleven. Evensong was beautifuly sung by the Angelus Singers. Haste Ye Back to this corner of Argyll and The Isles.

    • Harry says:

      It was nice to see folk coming from other churches in the Episcopal fold as there is obviously still a great love of this service. We look forward to coming to sing Evensong wherever we are invited. If you feel we could come and make a contribution, get in touch as soon as possible, as we could still have a service in Sept/Oct this year.

  3. Harry says:

    If Heaven is anywhere, it was in a little church in Argyll on a recent beautiful Sunday afternoon. It is imposssible to erase it from one’s mind, and if anyone was not moved in some way in such an environment, then they aint got no heart!

    Next day, four of us travelled again into Argyll to the memorial for Rev Roy Flatt in Lochgilphead, and whilst he may have gone in body, he was certainly there in spirit….he would have loved the service on Sunday, so I hope he was watching and listening!

    We will most certainly be back!

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