Allegri, Gregorio


Born in Rome in 1582, and died there in 1652. He was an ordained priest, singer and composer. His last 25 years was spent serving the musical interests of thePope.

Probably his most famous piece was ‘Miserere’ which is for four soloists and a five-part choir (does this tell us the size of the Vatican Choir?), was to be sung only by the Cistine Choir, in the Cistine Chapel during Holy Week.

Many know the story of Mozart visiting there and memorising it…actually he went back a few days later to sort out a few points he had forgotten. He then wrote it down and performed it. At that time excommunication was usually the punishment, and when Mozart was called to Rome by the Pope, he feared the worst, but was commended and congratulated.

If you want to hear some of it, click on the link below.

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